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Imagine When I Found My Mojo

My missing mojo has been found! It was hiding in a knitting group and a wool festival.

After joining the knitting group a couple of weeks ago, I picked the shawl I started in April back up. Getting back to the needles felt good. It didn’t hurt that the yarn was something as beautiful to work with as Anzula Cloud. The pattern is Imagine When by Joji Locatelli. I absolutely love the play between the simplicity of the garter stitch and the skewed sections created by short rows. And the color  - petunia, a shocking pink. And the squish factor – what’s not to love about merino and cashmere?! This is going to be a favorite.

imagine when


Tough Love

Last night, my husband had enough of me and he kicked me out of the house. He insisted I leave immediately. “Just go. Now!… or you’ll miss the knitting group!”

I’m still working on the projects that were on my needles when we moved two months ago. I finished one, a sparkly teal cowl/capelet, but accidentally left it in Denver when I went back to visit on Labor Day. Probably my subconscious planning another trip back. Regardless,  that doesn’t count until it’s blocked. I’ve been having a terrible time finding my motivation to start or finish anything else. It occurred to me that knitting has become very much a social activity for me, so I searched for local knitting groups and found one that meets on Thursday nights.

It was fantastic getting out, and meeting some of my people. Everybody was so warm and welcoming, and I was just one of three newcomers. I’m starting to feel a bit more motivated and energized. I even busted out the shawl I’ve been working on since April again this morning. The pattern is Imagine When and the yarn is impossibly soft and squishy Anzula Cloud in Petunia. I can’t for the life of me figure out why I ever put it down! I’m ever so grateful to have been forcibly kicked out of my house and looking forward to keeping up the momentum with a family field trip to the Taos Wool Festival this weekend.

imagine when