Have Yarn, Will Travel

Every summer we take a family trip back East. Usually we meet up with my in-laws in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This year we’re heading back to the old homestead one last time before my husbands parents move south. And did I mention it’s my 20th high school reunion?

My husband hates flying, and I mean he hates it with a hot, fiery passion. But given his limited vacation time each year, it’s the only practical way for him to go. I discovered early on that I hate flying with my husband, because he’s grumpy and cranky until we’re on solid ground. I don’t have the restraints he does, being a stay at home Mom. I can take my time, so I pack up the kids and make it a road trip. They enjoy the drive and it’s 6 more days I don’t have to make entertaining during summer vacation. Win win.

When most people plan a road trip, they figure out their route and then find fun things to do along the way. Well, of course that’s how I plan my road trips, too! I open up mapquest, I map out my route, I go to knitmap, cross reference yarn shops along my route and their hours of operation… What’s that? Other people don’t plan their trips around yarn shopping? REALLY?

I’ve spent the last three days driving from Denver to New York, pausing to check out as many yarn shops as I could along the way. I’ll be back later with some of my finds. For now, I’m off to the airport to get the grump.

Oh, and the shrug? Don’t want to talk about it. Suffice to say, I might be shopping after we get to the farm


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