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And, Moving On

Goodbye COOne day in early summer, 1998, my brand new husband came home from work and announced “we’re moving.” We had planned on leaving Upstate New York for Colorado somewhere down the road, but a conversation with a co-worker, who had planned to get out and never did, had lit the fire. He was ready to go NOW!

Less than a month later we were in Denver planting roots that reached deeper and deeper over the following 16 years. It was home from the moment we arrived. It’s where we truly started our marriage, and had all of our babies, and made friends that became family. It’s where I found my passion for fiber arts and the friends that would push me completely out of my comfort zone to learn and do even more.

In early 2013 my husband changed jobs, taking a step down in position to be in a better job situation. It was the best move possible for our entire family, and the promise was to put him back in the position he had worked so hard for as soon as possible. Early this year, that position became available.

In Albuquerque.

Hello NMThere were tears. Yelling. Stomping. Arguments. Doors slamming. Then we told the kids. They were just fine. As gut wrenching as it was to leave, we packed up the family and arrived in Albuquerque in early August. I like it here, I really do! But it’s just not Home. Our master plan is to get back to Denver as soon as we can. In the mean time, I’ll be doing my best to enjoy my time in exile New Mexico.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do some Market Research. In other words, I’m gonna go find the yarn shops!