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Nice Form

I recently acquired a new roommate. She’s quiet, she only takes up a small amount of space and she doesn’t leave her stuff lying around. Meet Thelma. (modeling my smooshy soft Color Affection shawl!)


I’ve wanted an old vintage style dress form for years. When I first moved to Colorado, a neighbor had one in the window and I would see it driving home every night. I wasn’t even knitting then, but loved the idea of one just as decor. Then I started knitting and thought maybe having one would be useful. In the last year I decided it was a necessity. That she doesn’t look half bad when not in use is a bonus.

Earlier this year I was at a HomeGoods store and they had a half dozen different dress forms in various patterns and I decided then and there I would have one! On pay day… When I went back they were gone. Since then I’ve watched Craigslist and Ebay religiously, but never found quite the right thing in quite the right price range. Then on a whim, needing to burn a little time before an appointment, I decided to go poke around TJ Maxx and HomeGoods, and there she was.

The hubby suggested the name, the reasoning being that if I get another, I can call her Louise. Sounds like he just sent me shopping!