What’s Wrong With Orange?

stripes 2

I married someone who thinks certain colors are meant for certain seasons and can only be worn at specific times. Orange in particular. Orange is fall. October and November and that is it. Orange is pumpkins and turkey and fall leaves, or so he thinks. I once found a beautiful orange cardigan and he said “well, you could wear it in the fall, but that’s about it.” He’s nuts.

I like color. All the colors, all the time. I don’t WEAR them all the time, but I like them. But a good, vibrant green is about my favorite. Pair it with a bright, warm orange? Swoon! So when one of my favorite yarn shops was closing and I found a few skeins of an alpaca blend in my two favorite colors, of course I snapped it up! There wasn’t enough of either to make any large project, but I figured I could use them for smaller projects – hats, mittens, scarves. It’s been marinating in my stash for a couple of years now.

When I first saw Alicia Plummer’s pattern for Backshore, I knew that was the one for my long-hoarded yarn. I had almost enough yarn to make it, and was able to gather enough of the now-discontinued yarn through Ravelry destashes to finish the job. A comfy, striped pullover in my favorite colors? Yes, please. It’s driving my husband insane. “Why are you knitting a fall sweater in January?” “I guess you can wear it in October.” I can not wait to wear it this spring. Sometimes it’s fun just to push his buttons.

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